Eyebrows frame the shape of the face and are one of the most important facial features. Thin and over-plucked eyebrows can cause the face to look older and less balanced. Microblading is a great way to achieve beautiful, even, fuller, natural looking brows that wont wash off with your make-up


What is Microblading?

3D Eyebrows MicroBlading (Eyebrow Embroidery or Sculpting) is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoing treatment that fills in sparse eyebrows using natural looking feather-like strokes.

The technique uses a small, very fine blade to deposit ink into the skin. The stroke mimics a natural hair line with results that allow the eyebrow to appear fuller, flawless, and beautiful for up to two years!

Microblading is perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill in over-plucked eyebrows.

The color fades over time, and yearly touch-ups are recommended to maintain optimal results.


Why Choose Microblading 3D Hand Method over Normal Permanent Makeup?

  • More Comfort
  • Faster Healing Time
  • Complete Control
  • Little to No Touch-ups Necessary
  • Natural Hair Strokes

How many Sessions will I need and how long does it take?

Two sessions are required no more than four weeks apart to achieve perfect brows. After healing has complete from session2, touch-ups may be needed once a year due to effects of sun exposure, product use, and lifestyle.

What will I look like after the treatments?

Brows will appear dark, bolder, and fuller for the first 3-7 days following the treatment and will lighten through the healing process. Some redness and swelling is to be expected and will subside over the first 3 days.

Does Microblading Hurt?

Pain is relative. Some feel more than others. Topical anesthetic is applied prior to treatment but some discomfort can be expected. Overall, it feels like little scratching, yet, it is not unbearable.