Three Simple Steps to Healthy Skin

Three Simple Steps to Healthy Skin

that everyone should be doing regardless of age, gender, or skin type!

By. Taevia Boden L.E.

With So many products available and sources of skin care information it can be more than overwhelming trying to start a skin care routine. It can also become expensive. How do you know what products are most important? You may ask yourself, “is this something I really need?” “What is this product actually going to do for me?” “Is it worth the price I’m going to be paying?” These are all important questions you should ask yourself before investing into an expensive skin care regime. There are a lot of fantastic anti-aging products available however if your skin is not “prepped” and in a health state, then you are not going to get the full benefit from those skin care products.

All Skin, Regardless, of age, gender, skin type, or color all need three simple steps first and foremost to obtain healthy skin. Once skin is “in shape” it will function optimally and in return give you the most out of what your investing into it. For example, a runner may spend many months running, training, and preparing for a big race. They would not just show up the day of without any prior preparation and expect to perform well or win. Your skin is very similar in that it must be trained or in other words “worked into shape” to be the best it can be. These three Simple Steps are Cleanse, Scrub, and Tone!

As we go throughout our day, our skin encounters all kinds of different elements like dirt, dust, traffic debris, makeup, sun exposure, and more. Your able to clean and normalize the skin through proper cleansing. Step one, Cleanse, is all about removing all of that collected surface debris, and other oils and elements. Cleansing should be done only twice daily, morning and night, to obtain clean skin.

Our skin cells are turning over daily, constantly producing new skin cells and pushing the older cells to the surface. Once they reach that outer layer they eventually die and flake off. Dead skin left latched on the surface can clog pores and cause uneven skin tone and texture. By doing step two and using a scrub 2-3 times a week in the mornings will remove that unwanted dead skin enabling the skin the breathe. It also improves circulation and enhances product penetration abilities. The skin will immediately demonstrates a more even tone and texture, and feeling of clean.

And lastly, just like Ying and Yang, it is all about balance. Healthy skin = balanced skin, so it is always imperative that you rebalance the skin’s PH level and practice oil control through using a PH balancing toner. Toner not only control sebum production and restores the skin’s PH, but also helps the enhance product penetration.

By starting your skin off with these three easy skin care steps you enable your skin to function properly, making your skin able to tolerate all daily exposures and activities, and essentially you set the foundation for your skin to respond to treatment for whatever skin care concern you may be facing whether its acne, rosacea, shave bumps, enlarged pores, or pigmentation problems.

Starting a skin care regime is really as easy as 1, 2, 3! Cleanse, Scrub, and Tone and after just 6 weeks your skin will be healthy and ready to combat any concern or issues you face. Get the most out of your skin care regime and hit the fast track to healthy, glowing skin Today! Contact myself or your local Aesthetician to get started addressing your needs or to answer any of your skincare questions!!